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제목Shin, Young-Bok (영문 약력)2018-01-24 17:07

Shin, Young-Bok was born in 1941 in Milyang, Kyungnam Province. After studying Economics undergraduate and graduate courses in Seoul National University, he taught Economics at Sookmyung Women’s University and at the Korean Military Academy, he was accused of being involved in the Tonghyukdang(Reunification Revolution Party) Spy Ring Incident in 1968, arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.
After 20 years and 20 days of imprisonment, he was released on special pardon on August 15,1988. Since his release, he has taught at SungKongHoe University as a professor, and after his retirement in 2006, as a ‘chair professor’ until his death in 2016.
For his contribution to Oriental Classics and Korean Humanities Study, he was awarded the Lim Chang-soon Humanities Prize in 2008, and the Man-Hae Grand Prize in Literature in 2015.
His books include Reflections from the Prison(1988), Trees, Dear Trees(1996), Forest Together(1998), Lectures: My Reading of Oriental Classics(2005), Visits to the Peripheries(2012),  Shin, Young-Bok: The Way for Many of Us to Make Forest Together(2010). Discourse: Shin, Young-Bok’s Last Lectures(2015), Memories of ChungGuHoe(Korean-English version, 2008),  For the First Time(English version,2008), and Reflections from the Prison(Chinese version, 2015).  His works of translation include Humans, Ah, Humans!(1991), Anthology of Chinese Poetry of All Ages(Jonint Translation,1994), etc. His posthumous books include For the First Time: Shin, Young-Bok’s Last Promise(2017), and Where the Stream Runs to(2017)